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Each machine designed to fit your production needs.

Open or closed loop water circulating system with heat exchanger
High quality vacuum system
Up/down & side-to-side adjustment
Water filtration system
High quality workmanship

Calibration tables are constructed from stainless steel tubing and assembled using high quality welds that ensure long-term use in harsh environments

The tables use large, high quality vacuum and water circulation pumps to ensure ample vacuum required for sizing the extruded profile and enough water volume to properly cool the extruded profile and to keep the tooling cool.

A water circulation system with heat exchanger can be provided to aid in the control of the sizing water temperature.

A high-intensity blower system with air knives and skirt system can be provided to aid in drying the profile at the exit of the calibration tank.

The water and vacuum manifolds are made from stainless steel and use high-quality valves.

A stainless steel bag filter system can be provided to provide clean process water to the calibration tooling and sizing tank. This will help keep the tooling grooves and drain holes from clogging.

Calibration Table

Calibration Table with Tooling Tank

Blowoff/Dryer System



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