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Each machine designed to fit your production needs.

1, 2, 3 or 4 embossing roll turret
2, 3 or 4 cantilever chill roll design
Maintenance friendly system
Side-to-side adjustment
Central water manifold system
High quality workmanship


Embossing/Chill Roll Machine

Turret Embossing Rolls

Side View

Cantilever Chill Rolls

Rear View

Chill Roll Spiral Baffle

Embossing/Cantilever Chill Rolls


Embossing/Chill Roll Machine

  1. BG Machine, Inc. standard embossing and back-up rolls are fitted with
    2 15/16" diameter stainless steel shafts that are larger than our competitors rolls. These rolls are also built with an inner shell to provide better and more efficient cooling of the rolls.

  2. The belt-driven back-up roll provides smoother, quieter, and more consistent operation than a gear or chain drive system.

  3. Swivel system for back-up roll mounting assembly makes the roll much easier to change out, and more maintenance friendly.

  4. The roll bearings are high quality, heavy-duty, smooth running 2-row tapered roller bearings.

  5. The heavy-duty vertical movement of the embossing roll is manufactured with a precision tube-in-tube design that allows for the vertical mechanism to move up and down without any twisting of the machine. The air cylinders are high quality.

  6. The embossing roll turret system is hand or air operated. The turret gearbox is specifically designed for this application, and is manufactured in our facility. It is very simple to rotate between 2 different embossing patterns while the machine is in use. Also, this gearbox is designed, for safety reasons, to keep the rolls from rotating in a "free wheeling" manner.

  7. As with other items on the machine, the back-up roll water pan is built to withstand the rigor's of the siding production process. Also, the automatic water level assembly makes it easy for the operator to adjust the water level in the pan.

  8. The air actuated heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum squeegee system for skimming water off back-up roll will automatically push against the back-up roll only when the drive of the back-up roll is engaged. This keeps the operator from having to engage the system in an area of the machine that could have some safety concerns.

  9. The cantilever chill rolls are set-up so the machine is very easy for the operator to string-up. The operator can grab the hot sheet after the embossing roll, and thread over all the rolls without having to switch the hot plastic from one hand to the other, which can cause the hot sheet to burn the operator because of excess handling of the sheet. Also, at higher line speeds, it is difficult to switch the sheet from one hand to the other without causing the hot sheet to ball up and take the line down. The chill roll system is offered in a 2, 3, or 4 roll system depending on the line speed.

  10. The thin wall aluminum chill rolls are built with an internal spiraled baffle to allow for more even cooling of the hot, vinyl sheet. The aluminum construction allows for better heat transfer from the hot sheet to the roll, allowing for better cooling. The rolls also have a stainless steel drive shaft to keep rust from damaging the roll. Also, the rolls are constructed in a way so they can be dissembled for cleaning. The water used in many manufacturing facilities are filled with impurities that can fill up the roll, and cause the roll to lose it's cooling capacity.

  11. The chill roll system is belt driven. The simple design of this system allows for quiet movement of the rolls in an efficient and maintenance-free environment.

  12. The adjustable water-cooled idler rolls can be adjusted up and down to allow for different production techniques that sometimes are required to get the proper embossing depth of the sheet, and also to get the proper sheet height for the sheet entering the calibration tooling. The aluminum shelled rolls are fitted with a stainless steel shafts, and are water-cooled to keep from burning the operator's hands and arms while working around the machine and stringing up the line.

  13. BG Machine, Inc. uses only high quality electrical components.

  14. The embossers have a heavy-duty control pendant that can be swiveled from the front of the machine to the rear of the machine by the operator. All the machine controls are on the pendant, and are easily accessed by the operator. This is a feature that is highly valued by most operators.

  15. BG Machine, Inc. uses only high quality pneumatic components.

  16. The central water supply system allows for the input of water in one location, allowing for a simpler, cleaner installation. The heavy duty brass quick-disconnects found on the embossing roll and rubber covered back-up roll make roll changes very simple. We use only Deublin rotary unions, which are the best on the market.

  17. Only high quality materials used in construction of the embosser.


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