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Vinyl siding, accessories, skirting, gutters, fencing, decking
Water-cooled tools for high-speed production with accurate, consistant parts
Product design assistance available

BG Machine, Inc. has designed and built tooling for over 1,000 post-formed profiles, ranging from simple trim parts to large complex profiles.

Over 99% of the tools built are used to produce building products made from rigid PVC.

Calibration tooling can be built from a variety of materials, including aluminum, pre-hardened stainless steel, and high wear powdered stainless, depending on the long-term use of the tools.

The calibration systems can be built and designed for either low output test runs to high speed, long-term production needs.

All tools are designed and built to exact dimensions using state-of-art CAD design systems, precise wire electrical discharge machines (EDM), and high-quality CNC machining centers. This precision allows us to provide spare inserts and tool rebuilds without sending the tooling back to our facility. Also, multiple tools of the same profile can be interchanged without fear of the production parts not matching.



Post-Formed Products

J Channel Calibrator


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